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Certificates & Partners



FTC® cares about where its products come from and how they are produced. Therefore, the entire production chain is in the company's own hands and can be traced. Quality, sustainability and fairness is an important part of FTC®'s brand DNA.


To guarantee you, the end consumer, a quality guarantee in terms of sustainable and fair production, FTC® has various certificates and partnerships. With these certificates and partnerships, end consumers can trace the production chain and check its quality.




All FTC® yarns are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. This means that all yarns have been tested for harmful substances and the FTC® articles are therefore harmless to health.


The testing of FTC® yarns is carried out once a year by independent OEKO-TEX® institutes on the basis of an extensive catalogue of criteria. This testing procedure takes into account numerous substances, both regulated and non-regulated, which could be harmful to human health. The criteria catalogue is updated at least once a year and expanded to include new scientific findings or legal requirements. In many cases, the limit values set for STANDARD 100 exceed national and international requirements.





Transparency and traceability in the textile value chain are playing an increasingly important role. The traceability and identification of materials used are important here to ensure the sustainability and integrity of the products. For this reason, the premium brand FTC® has been working since 2020 with Haelixa, a spin-off of ETH Zurich, which has developed an innovative process to mark products and materials with the help of DNA and thus make them traceable.


Although FTC® is 100% vertically integrated, Haelixa, as a neutral partner, brings additional physical proof of the origin of the products and thus creates maximum transparency with regard to the entire value chain. This gives retailers and end customers the necessary security regarding the origin of the material used. The information about the raw material used remains inseparably linked to the material and ultimately the product throughout the entire value chain. FTC® products marked with the ingredient label "Marked & Traced by Haelixa" were produced with this marked raw material. Step by step, all styles made of 100% cashmere as well as styles made of the cashmere blends SeaCell™ Cashmere and Organic Cotton Cashmere will be marked with the DNA in the future.


DNA is used for marking, which is dissolved in water and applied directly to the raw fabric. By applying the DNA marker, the valuable material is not altered in any way and retains its high quality. Furthermore, the DNA marker is harmless to humans and the environment as well as GMO-free, vegan and approved by OEKO-TEX®.


With a test in which the DNA is extracted without destroying the product itself, it can be proven at any time that it is the marked product. The test is carried out in the Haelixa laboratory in Switzerland.





FTC® is neutralising the CO2 emissions at all of its locations with immediate effect and retroactively for 2019. Together with ClimatePartner, a CO2 balance sheet is drawn up for FTC Cashmere, reduction potentials are determined and the CO2 footprint of the products is calculated. More about here.


The unavoidable emissions are offset by supporting ClimatePartner's certified climate protection projects in China. This is where the company's own cashmere goat farms and production are located. «When selecting the projects, it is important to us to place the focus of the compensation activities where most of the CO2 emissions of the group of companies occur», says Adrian Knezovic, member of the management.


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