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Climate Neutral


We are Climate Neutral

All of our products from the fibre to the point of sale are climate neutral. With our ClimatePartner ID, all details can be viewed and tracked, which is especially advantageous for us as a transparent company. As an important part of sustainability we define the responsible and conscious handling of our natural resources.

What does climate neutrality mean?
"Climate-neutral are companies, processes and products whose greenhouse gas emissions have been calculated and offset by supporting internationally recognized climate protection projects. Offsetting greenhouse gas emissions is an important step in holistic climate protection, alongside avoidance and reduction." (ClimatePartner)

Our Partnership with ClimatePartner
The first step was to identify and analyze our eco-balance. With our fundamental approach of taking responsibility and continuously optimizing ourselves in all areas of sustainability, this result enabled us on the one hand to understand the impact of our actions. On the other hand, we can now directly derive influential decisions on the reduction of our greenhouse gas emissions.



Climate Protection Programs

FTC® currently has a CO2 equivalent of approximately 1 ton.  In addition to our own projects, we support two selected internationally recognized climate protection projects of ClimatePartner. In this way, we are making a further contribution to holistic climate protection, especially in our country of production, China. Furthermore, this contribution serves as compensation for our greenhouse gas emissions.


Climate Carbon Project 1: Reforestation
New forests for more animal and plant species as well as jobs for people in the Chinese province of Guizhou.

Learn more about the project.


Climate Gold Project 2: Solar Energy
Zero-emission energy through new solar cells to halt global warming and provide long-term energy security in Northwest China.

Learn more about the project.


Own Projects: On-Farm and along the Supply Chain

Solar Energy
To further reduce our carbon emissions we increasingly use solar energy in our manufacture. Therefore, we take a regional pioneering position by having renewable energies in our energy mix.

To avoid harming our nature, we have a water treatment system in our manufacture which ensures that only purified water flows into the groundwater.

On one hand we want to keep waste among our supply chain as low as possible. For example, cashmere yarn waste has been completely avoided since launching our UpKnit line.

On the other hand also our customers and consumers shouln't be bothered with waste from our side. This is why we have decided against plastic packaging. Our FSC® certified paper bags are 100% recycable. 

Clay project
In the process of becoming carbon neutral, we came up with a new project with Lehmag where clay bricks replace conventional bricks. When the normal bricks are fired, a considerable amount of CO2 is released into our atmosphere. With the natural clay available on site, we not only significatly save emissions, but also use the traditional clay building in all respects, for the benefit of local people, animals and nature.


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